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LG Solar News

■ Ready for the Launching
LG’s new product NeON R is about to launch. LG NeON R is a high power product performing maximum 365W, increasing the power 30W more than existing NeON 2 line-up, so it is the apex of LG solar. LG NeON R is showed on PV EXPO 2017, Tokyo on March. With the high power output, NeON R’s appearance characterized as consistent pattern and gentle black was enough to get a lot of attention.

■ The Cell Structure of NeON R
LG NeON R put all electrodes on the rear side, so maximized light adoption on the front. Moreover, with many electrical passes on the rear side, it separated electrical currents reducing the electrical loss. With these advanced cell structure, LG NeON R made it possible to be the high power and high efficiency module.

■ Why Is the High Power Feature Important?
NeON R’s high power capability has advantage when installed in any circumstances. There are many factors you have to consider when installing solar modules on your roof or other places. The shape of your roof restricts the number of modules you can install, and direction and shade make your solar modules’ performance very low. In these situations, NeON R can be designed more flexible compared to other low-power modules. For example, when you design 5kW system, it takes only 14 modules and 25㎡ on your roof with NeON R, while 305W modules take 17 modules(28㎡) and 290W modules take 18 modules(30㎡). You can design more advantageous system with saved area.

■ Plus, Quality
LG strived to make NeON R close to perfection in any aspects. In quality aspect, NeON R still has strong points.

① High Temperature Stability
While strong sunlight makes solar modules generate more, it increases the modules’ temperature so decreases performance efficiency. The LG NeON R improved the temperature coefficient, so under the strong sunlight it maintains high performance.

② The Warranties
LG NeON R’s effort for the quality is reflected to the performance and product warranties. LG NeON R provides 87% performance warranty after 25 years and 25 years of product warranty that are the highest level of the field. These warranties ensure LG NeON R will generate in a long-term perspective.

LG NeON R will be shown on Intersolar EU 2017(31st, May ~ 2nd, June, 2017), so please keep pay attention to the new revolutionary module of LG.

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