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LG Solar News

LG participated in the All Energy Energy Fair in Australia in October. All Energy is Australia's largest renewable energy trade show, held on 11th ~ 12th October in Melbourne, Australia. In the fair, companies mainly exhibited solar modules and inverters, and customers' interest was concentrated on smart modules and commercial products.

■ NeON® R and Smart Module
LG has attracted customers exhibiting a smart module that will debut on 2018, and the premium flagship model NeON® R. The smart module is a product with a power optimizer attached to the existing NeON®2 model, developing a smart module through a joint with SolarEdge. The Smart module is suitable for monitoring individual module power generation and is suitable for minimizing the drop in power generation because of the shadings. LG is planning to launch smart module in 2018, and introduced the concept of the product through this fair.

■ NeON®2 BiFacial and NeON®2 72cells
In the commercial category, NeON®2 BiFacial products received much attention. As the commercial market in Australia grew rapidly, there was a growing interest in BiFacial products, which could increase rear-side generation based on installation conditions. In addition, the NeON®2 72cells with a maximum output of 405W was introduced as LG's high-power commercial product line-up.

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