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LG Solar News

MLPE(Module level power electronics) products are growing in popularity in large part because they can help the solar industry reduce installation labor and supply chain costs. MLPE products also are attractive from a safety standpoint. Rapid shutdown features, for instance, enable the ability to switch the DC output of individual panels off, rapidly and automatically. Experts also note that the energy created by MLPE components such as DC optimizers and micro-inverters is safer than conventional DC modules.

To bring these benefits to the growing worldwide solar market, a number of manufacturers offer MLPE products. One of the leading companies driving this trend, LG just introduced its NeON®2 ACe high-power AC module, which combines LG’s best-selling DC module, NeON®2, with Enphase’s IQ6 + inverter.

The result is a high-output solar panel with a DC output of 330W and an AC output of 290W, and the industry’s highest DC / AC conversion efficiency (97 percent). It allows simple configurations, is easy to install and is a safer, low-voltage product that meets NEC 2017 regulations.

Installation, always a concern for homeowners, becomes a quick, two-step roof installation process with this integrated AC module – eliminating the need to install the two products separately. Once roof installation is complete and internal software is set up, Enphase remote monitoring and management software can be controlled from any web connected device.

Leading solar players like LG will continue to introduce module-level innovations as the solar industry embraces MLPE’s many benefits in the years ahead.

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