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LG Solar News

Source: Solar & Power Management (12th July 2018)

LG Electronics, manufacturers of solar cells and modules, has announced that the high bifacial gain of the NeON2 bifacial module, in its specific 60-cell high albedo setup, was measured by Fraunhofer ISE.
The NeON2 bifacial modules were installed on the rooftop of the Fraunhofer ISE headquarters in Freiburg, Germany, and were tested, analysed and verified by Fraunhofer ISE for a 1 year period (from January 23, 2017 to February 9, 2018). LG Solar's NeON2 Bifacial module had 26.5% higher power generation than LG Solar's

LG Electronics bifacial module has excellent performance characteristics due to N-type PERT cells. The rear side of the PERT cell was designed in the early days of cell development to collect, diffuse and reflect sunlight to generate additional electricity.
Additional power generation has been identified as an effective way to minimise Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE). LG Electronics' high-efficiency N-Type mono PERT module is the most efficient bifacial module currently in production.

LG Electronics is continuing research and development for high PERT bifacial cell efficiency and provides advanced product solutions for securing power generation for bifacial power generation. Cell technology applied to LG Electronics' N-type PERT bifacial module not only produces high levels of output, but also has excellent reliability and low radiation characteristics. In addition, it adopts a transparent backsheet and is lightweight and thus easy to install. Thanks to these characteristics, LG Electronics' bifacial modules can provide up to 26.5% more power generation than monofacial modules for both home and commercial installations.

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