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Smart Design

High-quality materials and a unique frame design ensure maximum load capacity. Take a look for yourself and find out why our modules are so robust.


1Clamp Guideline Marks

Clamp Guideline Marks When installing a solar module, the installing crew must measure the correct location of the clamp. The clamp guidelines marked on the MonoX® frame indicate where it can support the maximum mechanical load. Furthermore, the stability and security of the module is enhanced when clamped in the correct location.

2Light and Robust Module (entire frame)

Light and Robust Module LG MonoX® was built as a lightweight model, although it maintains the robust build of its predecessor. Lighter modules increase stability by decreasing the weight applied to the roof, and also improve the productivity of the workers installing them.

3Great Water Drain Design

Great Water Drain Design When a module has been exposed to rain, it accumulates dust. Even the tiniest particles of dust can reduce the power supply as they are blocking sun rays. MonoX® was designed with a built-in incline between the frame and the glass to drain the rainwater quickly.

4Softer and Safer Edges

Softer and Safer Edges The installation teams are often involved in accidents and gloves can rip on the sharp edges of the modules. LG MonoX® has solved this problem by softening the frame edges to increase the safety of installation team and users.

5Better Grip

Better Grip LG MonoX® was designed with more curves for a better grip. This way, it becomes safer for the installment crew to transport the module.

6Fixed Cables

Fixed Cables When installing the module, connect all the cables on the back and fix them to the module frame. Most conventional modules have cables to fasten in the middle and take more time to install. The cables for LG MonoX® however are fixed to the frame, allowing for a quick and easy installment as it takes less time to locate the cables.

73-Way Grounding Holes

3-Way Grounding Holes Grounding, a method involving fixing the frames to the ground, is recommended to prevent electrical accidents. In conventional modules, the grounding holes are located only on the backside of the frame, but in LG MonoX®, there are additional holes on the sides that make for easier installation.