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MonoX® Plus
Built Tough

The LG MonoX® Plus is an extremely robust P-type module that maintains high performance by using LG’s LiLY Technology. LG also provides an enhanced warranty to for LiLY Technology modules.

MonoX® Plus (60cell) Built Tough
  • Max Power : 300W
  • Max Module Efficiency : 17.5%
Data sheet

* LiLY : LID-improvement for Lifetime Yield

  • MonoX® Plus - LiLY Technology

    TThe LG MonoX® Plus remains resilient against light induced degradation through the use
    of LG’s LiLY Technology.

  • MonoX® Plus - Extreme Physical Durability

    The LG MonoX® Plus’s stress endurance is rated to handle up to 6000 Pa on the front side
    and up to 5400 Pa on the rear side.

Technical Data

MonoX Plus Technical Data
MonoX® Plus
P-type Monocrystalline
60cell (6 x 10)
Power 300W 295W 290W
Module Efficiency 17.5 % 17.2% 16.9%
Weight 18.0 kg
Dimensions 1700 x 1016 x 40 mm
Linear Warranty
First year : 98%, After 1st year : 0.5% annual degradation / 86% for 25 years
25 years

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