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Through time-tested experience in the electronics and technology industry, the LG brand became an icon of excellence in the Home Appliance and Home Entertainment markets.We will continue to uphold our standards of perfection in our younger ventures such as our Vehicle Component and Energy Business Company.

Global Leader

  • SALES $55.4 Billion(2017)*

    * LGE consolidated basis,
    Exchange Rate KRW 1,108.52 per USD

  • WORKFORCE 75,150
  • WORLD PRESENT 118 Global Operations


Foundation & Innovation Start

  • 1958 Established GoldStar
  • 1959 Developed Korea’s first radio
  • 1965 Developed Korea’s first refrigerator
  • 1966 Developed Korea’s first TV
  • 1977 Developed Korea’s first Colored TV
  • 1982 Developed Korea’s first VCR and Colored video camera
  • 1985 Conducted its first solar cell multicrystalline R&D
*First Cell Multicrystalline

No.1 Global Brand

  • 1995 Rebranded company as LG Electronics
  • 1995 Developed public PV application (Traffic signs, clock tower)
  • 2001 Went world’s first 60’’ PDP TV on sale
  • 2003 Ranked No.1 in the world in CDMA mobile phone
  • 2007 Developed world’s first super multi blu-ray player
  • 2007 LG Solar Energy operated its first 14MW solar farm in Taean, Korea
  • 2008 Went world’s first bluetooth headset on sale
  • 2009 Ranked No.2 LCD TV manufacturer in the world
*First Cell Multicrystalline

New Innovation Paradigm Start

  • 2010 Launched its first solar panel, Mass production began
  • 2012 First in the world to market 84-inch ULTRA HD TV
  • 2013 LG’s Module Mono X NeON won the Intersolar AWARD as “Outstanding Performance”
  • 2014 Established Energy Business Center
  • 2014 Introduced world’s first 4K OLED TV and webOS smart TV
  • 2015 LG’s Module NeON 2 won the Intersolar AWARD with the unique Cello technology
  • 2016 LG NeON 2 BiFacial won the Intersolar AWARD. LG won the Intersolar AWARD 2 years in a row
*First Cell Multicrystalline

LG Smart Energy Solutions

LG has developed a complete energy management system that integrates solar energy production,
storage, and control that can be complimented with LG high efficiency appliances.

  • * EMS : Energy Management System
  • * ESS : Energy Storage System

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