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Leading Technology

LG provides solar products with industry leading power outputs. The DNA of LG’s technological innovation will continue to serve as the driving force for LG’s leadership of the solar energy market moving forward.

LG Solar Product Output Rise

LG won the internationally recognized “Intersolar AWARD” in 2013, 2015, and 2016 for groundbreaking ideas and
technological innovations that sets itself ahead of the competition. Growing power output at an expeditious ~7.5% annually,
LG’s flagship NeON ® R, 60-cell module generates a remarkable 365W output.

LG Solar Award & Innovation in Technology

  • 2013

    N-type Cell

    N-type cells convert sunlight into energy more efficiently than P-type cells. Additionally, the rear side of the cell also generates energy.

    • Intersolar Award 2013
    • Plus X Award 2013
      [High Quality, Ecology]

  • 2015

    Cello Technology

    Cello technology uses 12 wires compared to 4 ribbons allowing for a higher current distribution. Cello’s cylindrical wiring scatters the light of various angles more.

    • Intersolar
      Award 2015
    • EUPD
      Research Top Brand
    • Plus X Award 2015
      [High Quality,
      Functionality, Ecology]
  • 2016

    BiFacial Product

    NeON® 2 BiFacial is capable of generating energy from the module front and rear sides allowing up to 30% more energy generation than standard PV module.

    • Intersolar
      Award 2016
    • EUPD
      Research Top Brand

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