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LG has always built innovative, high quality products and LG modules uphold the same standards. LG PV modules remain robust and efficient in environments with high temperatures or low irradiance. This combined with a low annual degradation and longer warranty than the market average, warrants LG quality and consumer confidence.

Top-class Power Output in the Solar Industry

As premium products with the industry’s highest standards for energy output and efficiency, the LG NeON® series and
LG MonoX® series provide a breadth of value including the maximization of per unit area electricity production.

Superb Performance Warranty

LG guarantees industry’s top-level performance warranty of its products. The performance warranty reflects
LG’s rigorous quality control efforts making solar modules more solid and stable in real circumstances.

How LG Make It Possible

  • 1

    Excellence in Production

    LG PV modules are built on an automated production line in order to maintain the utmost precision and quality.

  • 2

    World’s First Certified In-house Testing Facilities

    LG is the first corporation in the world to operate in-house solar testing facilities that are certified by the 4 major inspection and certification authorities.

  • 3

    Reliability Testing System above the World Certificate Standard

    For the stable quality in a long-term perspective, LG operates reliability testing system above the world certificate standard. Especially recently, LG adopted new test programs such as Thermal Shock Test, HAST(Highly Accelerated Stress Test) for more harsh standard.

    * HAST: Highly Accelerated Stress Test

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